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Beresina Lutheran Church and Cemetery

The Story


In 1888, four families came to Canada from Beresina, a German village in Russia (Province of Bessarabia): Michael and Karl Esslinger, Gottlieb Mundt, and Christian Heinzelman.  They settled here and named the new district after their homeland.

In 1892 a log building was moved in from Churchbridge to serve as a school and a church.  In 1903 a congregation was formed called the Grace Lutheran Church.  The charter members were: Christian, Daniel, and George Dressler, Frank Adolf and Ferdinand Becker, Christian and Fred Esslinger, Gottlieb Mundt, Kasper Rathgeber, Jacob, Fred, and William Busch, Adam Wagner, Rudolf Wirth, Rudolf Andres, and Jacob Daum.

In 1903 a new church was built in SE 30-23-31.  Both the church and the school were in the same yard.  In 1920 a parsonage was built beside the church, and in 1927 a new steeple and tower with bell was installed.

In 1962, the church was closed, and they joined Trinity Lutheran Church in Churchbridge.  The building was moved to Kamsack and is used as a Lutheran church.

The cairn that was erected on the church grounds in 1938 is still there.  It was made to honor the first settlers' 50th anniversary from 1888-1938.

Finding the Cemetery


GPS: 51.02062,-101.79670 (marks the turnoff from the grid onto the trail that leads to the cemetery.)

Driving Directions

From the town of Churchbridge drive 3 miles North on Highway 80.

Turn East and drive 4 miles on grid road.

Turn North on Beresina Road and drive 5 miles.  You will see a sign that points East, represented by the GPS co-ordinates above.  Turn East here. (This is a small trail through a field).

Follow the trail East for 1 mile until you see another sign that points South.  The cemetery is 1/2 mile south on the second trail.

NOTE:  The cemetery is best accessed by truck, and can be difficult to access when the trail is wet.

The map below is a screenshot that shows directions to the cemetery.  To view the interactive map, click here.

Who Is Here?

If you would like to see who is resting in Beresina Cemetery, we recommend you visit the Beresina Cemetery page at Find A Grave by clicking the button below.

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