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Lowenberger Cemetery

The Story


Lowenberger Cemetery is located on the NW corner of SW 16-22-30. 


The first burial occurred around 1890 when the wife of George Lowenberger (nee: Elenora Koch) died. She had been bedridden for a few years.  She and eight or nine children were buried in the same plot.


George Lowenberger was the father of Andrew and Jake Lowenberger. According to Mrs. Andrew Lowenberger, this was a cemetery before there was a Hoffenthal.  This cemetery has been worked over, so there is no sign of any graves.

Finding the Cemetery


GPS: 50.896059, -101.601713

Driving Directions


From the north side of the railway tracks, in the town of Langenburg, drive east on "The Old Creamery Road" for approximately 4 miles.  Turn north and drive approximately 3.5 miles.  A cemetery signpost is on the eastside of the grid road.

The map below is a screenshot that shows directions to the cemetery.  To view the interactive map, click here.

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