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Trinity Lutheran Church

The Story


The congregation was organized on November 25, 1946.  There were eight families in the congregation.  The first pastor was Rev. J.C. Werschler.  Church services were held in the United Church until June 22, 1958, when the congregation dedicated their new church building.


In 1951, Trinity joined with her sister congregations, Grace Beresina and Peace Rothbury, to form a parish.  The parish moved their parsonage from Beresina to Churchbridge.  The first English Lutheran congregation joined Trinity in 1958.


The parish purchased a new parsonage in Churchbridge in 1960, and in January 1962, the Beresina congregation joined Trinity.


In January 1963, the Peace congregation of Rothbury also joined Trinity.


In 1968, an addition was built to the front of the church to provide better facilities to the entrance and to provide more Sunday school classrooms.  In 1976, a new parsonage was built, and two years later, a major renovation was made to the church with a completely new roof and new siding.  In 1991, a new sanctuary 48' x 64' was added to the rest of the church building.  Trinity has no cemetery of their own, so they have always used the Churchbridge Town Cemetery.

Finding the Church


GPS: 50.896641, -101.895334

Driving Directions

The church is located at 147 Bridger Ave in the town of Churchbridge.

The map below is a screenshot that shows directions to the church.  To view the interactive map, click here.

Who Is Here?

If you would like to see who is resting in the Churchbridge Cemetery from Trinity Lutheran Church, we recommend you visit the Churchbridge Cemetery page at Find A Grave by clicking the button below.

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