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St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church (Langenburg) and Cemetery

The Story


St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church owes its development to priests from Kaposvar and Esterhazy.  In 1888-1889, settlers came to an area of 500 square miles, which included Langenburg and Landshutt.


In 1917, a new church was built east of the present church.  It was served by Father Vorst from Landshutt.  That year, St. Joseph's officially became a parish.  The church was enlarged in 1946.


In 1956, Father Dorion came, and in 1963, Landshutt closed.  A few years later, plans were made to build a newer and larger church.  Archbishop O'Neill blessed the new church on August 6, 1973.  The old church was sold to Dennis Bergman, who moved it and made a machine shed.


In 1978, a bell tower was constructed which supports a forty-foot cross.  This bell tower houses the original church bell from Landshutt and the bell from the old church in Langenburg.  It was erected in dedication to the pioneers.


St. Joseph's cemetery was created in 1924 when August Mitschke donated land on NE 28-21-31.  Before 1924, all Catholics were buried at Landshutt.  The cemetery is very well looked after.

Finding the Cemetery


GPS: 50.84211,-101.71851

Driving Directions

From the west edge of the town of Langenburg, beginning at the grid road that meets Highway 16 near the veterinary clinic, take that grid road 1/2 mile west.  Turn south and go 1/4 mile.  The cemetery will be on the west side of the road.

The map below is a screenshot that shows directions to the cemetery.  To view the interactive map, click here.

Who Is Here?

If you would like to see who is resting in St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery, we recommend you visit the St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery page at Find A Grave by clicking the button below.

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