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Christ Lutheran Church (MacNutt) and Cemetery

The Story


From 1905 – 1907, church services were held in the home of John Kendel Sr., since the nearest church, Immanuel Church of Landestreu, was a distance of six or more miles away. That was a bit too far to walk or drive with slow moving oxen.


In 1907 a congregation was formed called the Christ Lutheran Church of Heimstadt (“Homeland” in English). The founding members were: John Olinger, Jacob Schneider, Henry Haberstock, Frank Reich, Fred Schaan, Conrad Koch, Andres Baumung, John Kendel, Frank Wagner, Philip Mack, and Alfred Kendel.  Alfred Kendel donated two acres of land on the north line of section 10-24-30.  This was one mile south of MacNutt, and on this land a log church was built in 1907.  The cemetery was just south of the church.


When the church in MacNutt was built in 1919, Heimstadt was closed. The cemetery is still used by Christ Lutheran in MacNutt.


From 1905 to 1908, Reverend Domman was the pastor at Heimstadt. Some people who were brought up in the Missouri Synod Church were dissatisfied with his ministry, so they buried their families in the south part of the cemetery.  This is why the cemetery has graves farther south, divided from the graves that were closer to the church.


The cemetery is well taken care of and is still used for burials.

Finding the Cemetery


GPS: 51.06482,-101.59746

Driving Directions

From MacNutt, drive south approximately 1 mile on Highway 8.

Turn east on a grid road, and drive approximately 1/2 of a mile.

The map below is a screenshot that shows directions to the cemetery.  To view the interactive map, click here.

Who Is Here?

If you would like to see who is resting in Christ Lutheran (MacNutt) Cemetery, we recommend you visit the Christ Lutheran Cemetery page at Find A Grave by clicking the button below.

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