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June 24, 2023

Tour of RM of Spy Hill


Things to bring:

 1. A vehicle 

It could be a really long walk.

We will each be taking our own vehicles or you can carpool with people you know from your area. I will let you arrange that on your own. Then, if you can only join us for part of the day, you can leave when you need to. 

2. Bag lunch and water to drink.

We aren't sure where we will be around lunchtime. This way, we can stop and eat when we get to that time.

3. Lawn Chairs

So you can sit down while you are eating, or you can also just sit and eat in your vehicle.

4. Hat, sun tan lotion, umbrella and insect repellent.

This is Saskatchewan where the weather can change at the drop of a hat and the mosquitos have landing lights!

5. Appropriate footwear.

Since we aren't sure what the cemetery conditions will be like, if they are muddy or dry.

6. Cameras

In case you are interested in taking photos.

7. Epipen (if you are someone who needs one)

In case we encounter wasps. 

We will try to plan for a few washrooms along the way.  TBD.

We are going to attempt to see all the cemeteries and sites listed below. We may or may not be changing the list depending on the circumstances.

  1. Spy Hill Museum (TBD)

  2. Spy Hill Cemetery

  3. St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

  4. Fort Esperance Historic Site

  5. Hamona Historic Site

  6. Holar Cemetery

  7. Valley View Cemetery 

  8. Vallar Cemetery

  9. St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery

  10. Gerald United Cemetery

The tour is free, but we ask you to please register.  We can't contact you about changes in details if we don't know you are coming.  You can call Bryan at 306-743-9117, or email at

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